about ALEX

Alex Shillo might have been raised in Manchester, CT, but the young singer-songwriter is as worldly as the most. His Dad's influence, and his hero Bruce Springsteen shows in his eclectic brand of Rock/Country music.

Despite his young age, the multi-instrumentalist has experienced a lot of life. Alex spent a lot of his life on the CT Shorline, cut his teeth as a touring musician with his Dad's band Silverado.

Alex has been enthralled by the music business ever since he was a real young boy and has gotten to enjoy different areas of the industry. His experience started at a very young age in large part (if not entirely!) because his father, Carl Shillo, founder/leader/singer/songwriter of the the band SILVERADO.  In the late 70's and early 80's Silverado were signed to RCA records, had songs on the Billboard charts, toured the world with Steppenwolf and a bunch others.

When Alex was growing up, there was always a recording studio in their home and it was like a revolving door of different musicians, song writers and record producers. He was lucky to learn a great deal about the art of recording, performing and songwriting from a young age! 

Because of his background, he always felt comfortable in the recording studio and on a stge. So when he began to compose his own songs, it was such a rewarding experience to him.

Playing live came easy as well.  He and his brother Andrew formed a few bands at a very young age and regularly played the local scene. Plus, when Silverado (With Alex on Rhythm Guitar and support Vocals) decided to recently tour again up and down the East Coast opening for major acts like Big & Rich, Jerrod Niemann, and many others with Silverado, he rose to that challenge as well.